Genetic Engineering

#1 January 27th
Genetic engineering is simply direct modification and manipulation of an organisms genome using advanced biotechnology. It is the technology to change the genetic makeup of cells, including the transfer of genes within and across different species pushing boundaries and creating "improved"
organisms. Scientists believe that genetic engineering started in 12000 BC when humans domesticated organisms changing their behaviors and natural instincts. Genetic engineering as the direct transfer began in 1973 in the food corporations.

dna comic.jpg
What is genetic engineering? It is an altercation in the DNA for a desired trait, in this video it explains
how and why it might be done or needed.

The scientist in this photo is replacing a set of the original DNA with a set of
new DNA to create a certain mixture to improve what once was.
This article explains why genetic engineering on humans is not healthy and what
problems or mutations it can cause.

Scientists inserted genes of a glow worm into mice to give them the ability to
glow in the dark.
This shows us that to "benefit" our human world and obtain the health aspects we want, what we
put those innocent animals in the labs through with out a care to be able to make sure that it is okay to
try on huma
Parents today can pick and choose what traits they want like they can
choose if they want fries or a salad for a meal side.
Designer babies are going to be the next big thing for parents who are too
caught up in what they want their baby to look like and not looking forward
to if they look like mom or dad.

They have made the animals we eat much larger so we can supply more food,
as well as not have to catch as much. They make them larger because they are
more desirable.
This article gives more information as to why and how they genetically modify food for either
better profits or longer shelf life.


#2 January 27th
Evolution is how nature and all living things changed over time to "better" itself or to adapt into a better balance with its environment. It is all about how things changed either by natural selection or simply because of multiple mutations. Things have developed either accidentally or for a certain purpose to keep things in order. Typically there is reason for it all or it is as we call "survival of the fittest". The things we do not want get knocked off the earth so they do not keep occurring and overrun what has been "perfected".

This image here shows that even tho we may all have one common ancestor we all took many different
paths and branched off in many different ways. It shows why and how we are so diverse, every different
species is in one way or another a result of a different mutation or manipulation.
This article describes natural selection and why and how it occurs, it is not nature directly selecting certain
organisms it is a way to keep life as we know in balance.

This image shows that no matter how great or big something is, there is no promise
it is permanent. We all have our role and when our role is warn out we are no longer of need
and will eventually be wiped out.
We may dominate the earth today, but years and years down the road we will have out lived our
time, and use on earth and die off as a result. We are not made to be permanent and we won't be
when nature decides that.

It is not just one direct line from a germ, to an elephant to a tree and to the human race. It is 100% more complicated than that. It is a complex change and shift in the natural world.
It is proven that one way or another everything is indirectly connected to each other.


As far apart as some things may be this shows us that in one way or another we are connected and potentially and more than likely share a common ancestor as far as that may be in the past. We have small puzzle pieces that connect things from tiny mice to massive elephants, or chickens to the t-rex.
The theory of evolution becomes more and more in depth and informed, we find new reasons every day to believe in it that much more.

This video explains why evolution exists and how it happened. It gives intel on this very complex journey through time,
how things came to be today and fit in this biological puzzle we call life.

The Endocrine System

#3 January 28th

The endocrine system is the system in the body that contains glands that secrete hormones that promote and control many different functions in the body, ex metabolism, growth and development, and tissue function. This system is indirectly in charge of the other systems, as it releases hormones that control and effect them.

The endocrine system contains and consists of 12 glands and organs that regulate and connect with many different functions and systems in the body. They reach all the way from the brain to the reproductive organs.


The pancreas secretes and releases insulin to regulate blood sugar in the body. It does not directly deal with the sugar, it however is a vital part of keeping your blood sugar at a normal balance that your body needs to function. The pancreas is one of the many organs/glands in the endocrine system.
This article explains what role the pancreas plays in the body and why it is important and vital to our healthy life.


The hypothalamus is a portion in the brain that connects the nervous system to the endocrine system by the pituitary. The nervous system connects to the endocrine system to send off signals that requires the glands to release their hormones.

The reproductive system consists of organs that are vital to the reproduction of organisms,
and hormones as well as pheromones.

This video outlines what parts and hormones are in the endocrine system, it vaguely explains how
it controls and keeps everything in check. However it helps to educate what it is