Monday, Dec. 2

Complete "Theories of Evolution" PPT
Connection between artificial and natural selection

Tuesday, Dec. 3

Hand out "Darwinism" PPT

Central ideas of natural selection

Wednesday, Dec. 4

Finish "What Darwin Never Knew"
Complete notes on evidence that has come up since Darwin's time
Continue with "Darwinism" PPT

Thursday, Dec. 5

Finish "Darwinism" PPT

Friday, Dec. 6

Peppered Moth Activity

Hardy-Weinberg funness

Peppered Moth activity due today at 3:30

Tuesday, Dec. 4

More Hardy-Weinberg funness
Complete "Hardy-Weinberg Worksheet #2"

Wednesday, Dec. 5

Intro and work time for Wikiposts

Thursday, Dec. 6

Population Dynamics ppt

Complete population dynamics
Three modes of natural selection
Factors in Speciation
Convergent evolution

Friday, Dec. 6

Hand out Speciation assignment, due next Tuesday.